Coagulation self-testing means less time at the clinic and more time for you

Talk to your doctor today and say yes to the freedom and reassurance of self-testing with the CoaguChek INRange system.


Self-testing with CoaguChek® gives you the freedom to test your PT/INR levels yourself, anytime you like.

The CoaguChek INRange system is an easy-to-use meter that gives you an accurate PT/INR result in under a minute, without having to visit the clinic.

Your doctor will receive and monitor your results, so when your dose does need changing, you can find out sooner.

Self-testing at home can give you better control of your medication than testing at a laboratory or doctor’s office, with more time in your therapeutic range.

Around the world, one million people on warfarin are already enjoying the freedom that self-testing with CoaguChek gives them.

Say yes to more me time.










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“I’ve been freed from hours spent in clinics, taking time off work, having to consider appointments around work and family commitments. It’s release – an escape from prison.“

- Diane