With self-testing you can check your INR whenever and wherever you like

Medical information to help you stay in control

More and more people require oral anticoagulation e.g. warfarin, as a result of various medical conditions such as mechanical heart valves, atrial fibrillation or other conditions promoting the formation of potentially dangerous blood clots i.e. thrombi.

Since everyone reacts differently to these drugs and many interferences exists such as diet, stress, other drugs, etc., patients must have regular testing of their coagulation status i.e. Prothrombin Time (PT) or International Normalized Ratio (INR).  Their doctor will use these tests to adjust dosage of anticoagulation drugs to keep the patient in the optimal coagulation range. This is known as your therapeutic range. 

CoaguChek XS allows a patient to test at home, thus providing life-saving INR results without having to make regular trips to the clinic.