With self-testing you can check your INR whenever and wherever you like

Patient Testimonials - Actual life experience

In this section patients speak about coagulation self-testing with CoaguChek XS and how this has improved their daily lives.

Diane's Story - Passport to Freedom

"I’ve been freed from hours spent in clinics, taking time off work, having to consider appointments around work and family commitments. It’s release – an escape from prison.”  Diane

John Chisolm

"I can’t speak highly enough of the CoaguChek XS, it’s absolutely superb. When I look back I can’t believe I endured what I did, but of course you know no different at the time." John Chisolm

Peter Allen

"I was getting frustrated with the amount of time wasted, when I would much rather be doing other things. The brochures made it extremely clear how to use the machine, and I've never looked back – I'd certainly never give it up."  Peter Allen