Training & support for CoaguChek users


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Before you begin

If you are a candidate for INR self-testing but have not yet purchased your CoaguChek® XS, we highly recommend that you visit your local CoaguChek website. They will provide you with instructions on how to purchase your meter within the local regulations governing medical devices in your country.

If you would like to call your local organization directly, access the purchasing & support information page.

Getting Started

If you have purchased your CoaguChek® XS and need more information on its use, we offer several options.

CoaguChek eLearning

If you need to be able to print out a training certificate for training, and if this has been approved in your country, we offer an online eLearning, CoaguChek Academy.

Speak with your local support organization

It may be that local training centers have been organized in your area for face to face training. Select your country in the drop down list below to be taken to your local CoaguChek website for more information and support.

Coaguchek XS handling videos

Finally, for immediate assistance in using your CoaguChek XS, we offer four videos that will help you set up your CoaguChek XS and do your first test.

A handling video to help you set up your CoaguChek XS and begin testing.