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    CoaguChek® XS system

    CoaguChek® INRange system


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CoaguChek® XS system

CoaguChek XS system with strips and Softclix LR

The CoaguChek® XS system is a convenient, portable and user-friendly instrument for monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy. It determines the INR value (International Normalized Ratio) from a drop of capillary whole blood –it’s simple, precise and reliable.


The CoaguChek® XS system is ready to use anywhere, any time. You can test yourself at home, school, work or on vacation.

Fast, reliable results

  • Accurate PT/INR results in one minute
  • Built-in quality control checks each and every strip automatically
  • Lab-equivalent accuracy and precision

Simple fingerstick test

Most patients prefer having a small drop of blood (just 8 μL) taken from a fingerstick over having blood drawn from a vein

Improved patient outcomes

Frequent testing leads to fewer life threatening events1 and increases your quality of life.1


1. Heneghan, et. al (2006). Lancet, 367; 404-411.

CoaguChek® INRange system






Living  life to the fullest
while on anticoagulation therapy 

CoaguChek XS
Easy, Fast, Precise








How to use CoaguChek XS


Put a test strip in the CoaguChek XS

Step 1
Put a test strip in the CoaguChek XS

Prick your finger with the Roche Softclix lancing device

Step 2
Prick your finger with the Roche Softclix lancing device

...place a drop of blood on the strip

Step 3
...place a drop of blood on the strip


After about one minute, read the result on the CoaguChek XS display

Step 4
After about one minute, read the result on the CoaguChek XS display


For a more complete explanation of the testing procedure, watch the CoaguChek XS handling video below.





Technical specifications

Measuring & sampling

Detection system
Amperometric (electrochemical) determination of the PT time after activation of the coagulation with human recombinant thromboplastin

User interface
Simple user interface with icon-based LCD and On/Off-, Mem- and set-Button

Sample application
Outside the meter top- and 2 sides: left or right,-dosing options

Operating Conditions

+ 15° C to + 32° C (59° F to 90° F)

Humidity and height
10 - 85% - 4300 m

- First option: Operate the monitor on a level surface, free of vibrations
- Second option: Hold the monitor in your hand, so that it is roughly horizontal

Measuring range
INR: 0. 8 - 8.0

100 test results with time and date


Battery - Four 1.5v AAA alkali-manganese batteries

# of tests per set of batteries
Up to 300 tests or 2 years

138 x 78 x 28 mm

127 g (without batteries)

Sample Material

Sample type
Fresh capillary whole blood or non-anticoagulated venous whole blood

Sample size
8 µl

Refer to the test-strip package insert.

Test strips


Approx. 1.0

Sensitivity to heparin

Not at therapeutic levels, up to 0.8 I.U/ml for UFH and to 2 anti-Xa U/ml for LMWH

Quality control

On each strip, through the same channel as the blood passes


21 months from production (+ 2° C to + 30° C)